FIA Formula 2

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The FIA Formula 2 Championship sits as the final stop before reaching the pinnacle of motorsport; Formula One, and is one of the most revered categories of single-seater racing.


The FIA Formula 2 Championship can trace its roots all the way back prior to the Second World War. Since then, the division of racing just below Formula One has remained a staple of the single-seater world.

Whilst the name may have ebbed and flowed in and out of existence over the years, the premise of Formula 2 has remained a constant. In its current guise, a rebranding of the former GP2 series, the championship has become the definitive world stage for some of motorsport's brightest young talents. Since GP2's inaugural campaign in 2005, no less than 13 GP2/F2 champions have made it to the upper echelons of Formula One.

Combining equal machinery with the most talented racers on the planet, FIA F2 continues to produce some of the most thrilling racing anywhere in the world. Close, dramatic and no holds barred racing typifies the championship's status, as every driver wants to make their mark.

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